OT 103
Car Diesel Training Stand
The driveable trainer with fully operational engine, electrical system, drive train system for skills training in the operation, tune-up, maintenance, repair, overhaul and construction of a car.
Constructed from original diesel powered car and chassis without body.
Completed with driver seat.
PT 040106
Electrical Machine Trainer
This trainer is designed to learn how to run brake and reverse rotation of DC and AC motor. The electrical motor used consists of DC compound, 1 phase capacitor motor, 3 phase squirrel cage motor, 3 phase slip ring motor and 3 phase synchromous motor and equpped with other supporting modules. All input and output on each panel are equipped with safety socket and connecting cables.
GLF 155 03
Teacher Demonstration Bench (Ceramic)
Teachers desk with a height that is ideal for experiments and demonstration, equipped with water, gas and electrical facility. Table sheet is surfaced with a special designed modular ceramic which has a rising profile on the table edge to prevent spills to the floor. Equipped with locked cabinet and drawer. One cabinet can be used to store an LPG tank.
MMK 102
Mathematics Kit, Elementary
BFS 96
Genetic Box 5 color
A set of components which consists of 500 pairs of colored plastic buttons with a diameter of 20 mm, can be used to study the concept of genetics. The paired buttons with 5 different colors can be dismantled-pairs, which represent the pairs in the gene locus.
Component is together with a partitioned storage boxes to separate each color.
POK 410
Optic Panel Type
The Optics Kit Panel Type POK 410 is a collection of optic components which can be used for conducting optical experiment and demonstration. Components are equipped with neodymium magnets for component assembly on a large panel board.
This kit contains precision-made tools for ease of assembly in conducting experiment and to get the experiment result as it expected. All parts are packed in a plastic box.
BAS 55/03
Planetarium with Lamp and Motor
Designed to show the relationship and movements among the sun, earth and moon. The sun is iluminated and the earth moves automatically orbiting the sun and the moon orbiting the earth. Complete with graphical manual book.
JT-06300 Flocculator is very suitable for jar test. It has 6 stirrers that are able to stir at the same speed, from 10 up to 300 rpm. In jar test, flocculator is used to separate pollution in water treatment to achieve the optimum coagulant dosage.

JT-06300 is very suitable for school laboratory as well as for water treatment industries, metallurgy, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, and other industries.
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