Digital Function Generator, USB
Digital signal generator for use as a programmable voltage source in practical or demonstration experiments, particularly in the disciplines of acoustics, electrical engineering and electronics.
Transformer 110/115V =>230 V AC
Transformer to be used as voltage converter from 110...120 V AC to 220...240 V AC with 2 output safetysockets. This Transformer is designed to be used with equipment that needs 230V, when only 110V can be provided.
Compact magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT)
Fully functional Magnetic Resonance Tomograph (MRT) for teaching purposes, covering all aspects from the basic principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to the high-resolution 2D and 3D MR imaging (MRI). It provides a comprehensive education experience by training with clinically relevant measuring procedures, high resolution MR imaging (2D, 3D), live visualisation of data, e.t.c.
Ripple Tank with LED light source, complete set
The ripple tank is a convenient and effective compact device for demonstration or laboratory which allows a clear but quantitative access to wave mechanics. The frequency range from 5 up to 60 Hz covers all experiments, for school and university.
Demo mirror for PHYWE Ripple Tank
Special plastic mirror, which can be set up on a drawing table placed across the tank to enable waves to be projected forwards onto an upright screen.
Power supply, variable DC: 12 V, 5 A / AC: 15 V, 5 A
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