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SEK Forces and Torque Kit consisting of: 1x DM355-5A Force table 4x DM355-5S Pulley with very low friction 4x P1120-2C Holder for slotted weights, 10g 8x P1120-2F Slotted weight, 50 g 8x P1120-1E Slotted weight, 20 g 8x P1120-2D Slotted weight, 10 g 4x P1120-2B Slotted weight, 5 g, SE 1x DM355-5M Torque accessory for force table 1x DM355-5Z Additional mass for Torque accessory


SEK Optics Set consisting of: 1x P5111-1L Light source, 20 W halogen, SE 12 V / 20 W halogen lamp Experimental lamp in plastic housing; for use on table or on the optical bench with support; shutters can be inserted on both sides; movable condenser lens for divergent or parallel rays of light; Included in scope of delivery: 1x P5111-2E Shutter 02 - SE, circular screen 1x P5111-2F Shutter 02 - SE, full


SEK Ultrasonic Kit consisting of: 1x P1860-1B Ultrasonic control unit 2x P1860-1S Ultrasonic transmitter 1x P1860-1E Ultrasonic receiver 1x P1860-1G Ultrasonic goniometer 3x P1861-1R Slider with clamping post 40 mm 1x P1865-BS Ultrasonic apertures, set of, with angle bracket 1x P1865-BR Ultrasonic frame aperture for absorption experiments 1x P1865-1P Ultrasonic parabolic mirror


SEK Vibrations and Waves Kit consisting of: 1x P1810-3A Rubber string, 3 m 1x P1810-1D Flat spring steel, 0.6mm, L=300 mm 1x P1810-1F Holder for pencil 1x P1810-1G Threaded rod with butterfly nut 2x DM386-1H Pendulum ball with hook, wooden, 1x DM386-1K Pendulum ball with hook, plastics, 1x P1825-1A Motor with toggle for oscillation tests


SEK Mechanics Kit consisting of: 1x P1311-2A Dynamics trolley, SE 1x P1100-1E Measuring tape, L=300 cm 2x P1220-2D Scale pan with suspension 1x P1220-2C Pointer for lever rod 1x P1220-2B Scale with graduation, SE 1x P1220-2E Sliding saddle for lever rod 1x P1120-1S Lead (tare) shot, 50 g 1x P1100-2B Vernier calliper, plastic 1x P7400-2C Beaker plastics, 100 ml 1x P7400-4A Graduated cylinder plastics, 100 ml 1x P1410-1F Immersion probes, set of, SE 2x P7400-1C Manometer-tube, acrylic


SEK Circular Motion Kit consisting of: 1x P1340-2E Centrifugal hoops “compact” 1x P1340-2Z Watt’s governor “compact” 1x P1340-2R Foucault’s pendulum “compact” 1x P1340-2D Rotating disk “compact” 1x P1340-2C Locking screw M3, small 1x P1340-2S Steel balls ½” (12.7 mm),set of 2 1x P1340-2K Rotational dynamics paradox/accelerometer “compact”


SEK Chemistry stand Kit consisting of: 1x DS100-1H Support base, L=250 mm 2x DS400-2K Bosshead, cross-pattern, SE 1x DS103-04 Sliding saddle, H=40 mm 1x DS502-02 Support ring on support clamp, D=102 mm 2x DS502-62 Support ring on support clamp, D=62 mm 1x P7240-1G Support rod, round, L=500 mm, D=10 mm 1x C7002-1A Universal clamp, 0 - 80 mm 1x C7420-1S Spatula spoon, steel, 150x18 mm 1x C7420-2S Spatula double, flat,steel, 180x11 mm 1x C8020-1A Mortar, D=100 mm, porcelain


SEK Electricity Kit consisting of: 1x P3910-1A Plug-in panel, small 2x P3310-2E Connecting lead, 25 cm, black, SE 1x P3310-3A Connecting lead, 50 cm, red, SE 1x P3310-3B Connecting lead, 50 cm, blue, SE 1x P3310-4A Connecting lead, 75 cm, red, SE 1x P3310-4B Connecting lead, 75 cm, blue, SE 4x P3910-1B PIB connector 5x P3910-1C PIB wire, straight 2x P3910-1D PIB wire, straight, with socket 1x P3910-1F PIB wire, T-shaped, with socket 4x P3910-1E PIB wire, T-shaped


SEK Chemistry glass Kit consisting of: 1x C1000-1B Beaker glass, 100 ml, low form, Boro 1x C1000-1C Beaker glass, 150 ml, low form, Boro 1x C1000-1D Beaker glass, 250 ml, low form, Boro 1x C1370-1B Funnel plastics, D=75 mm 1x C3020-6D Erlenmeyer flask glass, 250 ml, SB 29 1x C1055-1H Test tube glass, 30x200 mm, with side arm, Boro 1x C1380-2A Gas jar glass, cylindrical, 200x52mm, rim grounded 1x C1064-1A Funnel separatory, 50 ml, cylindrical, with stopper 1x C7520-1A Cobalt glass filter, 50x50


SEK Alternative energy-conversion With the module SEK Alternative energy-conversion experiments to the following topics can be performed: 1. Combustion Engines (1 Experiment) 2. Sun - Photovoltaics (4 Experiments) 3. Hydro Power (1 Experiment) 4. Thermal Power (1 Experiment) 5. Wind Power (1 Experiment) 6. Energy Storage (2 Experiments) Kit consisting of: 1x P2890-1D Fire piston 1x P2890-1Z Ignition cylinder 1x P3600-2A MBC double solar cell 1x P3601-2A Clinometer for double solar cell 1x P1314


SEK Centrifugal force With the module SEK Centrigual force the following experiments can be performed: Determination of the centrifugal force as a function of the mass Determination of the centrifugal force as a function of the radius Determination of the centrifugal force as a function of the angular velocity Kit consisting of: 1x P1350-1Z Centripedal force apparatus 1x DS100-1H Support base, L=250 mm 1x DS103-04 Sliding saddle, H=40 mm 1x P7240-1C Support rod, round, L=250 mm, D=10 mm 1x P13


SEK Hot water Kit consisting of: 1x P2750-1S Solar collector 1x P2750-1 Heat exchanger 1x P2751-1T Pyrometry chamber 1x P2750-1T Circulating membrane pump - Self – absorbing - Low noise level - Minimal power consumption - Small housing - Less vibrating Supply voltage: 2 ... 12 VDC Max. power input: 20 ... 150 mA Free flow rate: 150 ml / min Max. pressure 6.0 m (water) Max. static suction lift - 3.0 m (water) 2 tube connectors dia. (ext.) = 4.8 mm 3x P2220-1A Laboratory thermometer -10...+110


SEK Air pressure Set consisting of: P1522-1S 1x Signaller P1522-1T 1x Sound-absorbing pad P1522-1M 1x Magdeburg circler, SE, rubber, pair of P1410-1L 1x Balloons, set of 2 P1410-1K 1x Clamp for balloons P1530-1B 1x Bubble burster, SE P1530-1C 1x Plastic film for bubble burster C6008-5C 1x Capsule plastics with cover, D = 75 mm P1560-1F 1x Free fall tube SE, L = 35 cm Tube made from acrylic glass; with gasket ring; for mounting the cover of the vacuum chamber P1520-2G


SEK Dynamics Kit consisting of: 2x P1311-2A Dynamics trolley 4x P1120-2F Slotted weight, 50 g 3x P1120-2D Slotted weight, 10 g 1x P1120-2C Holder for slotted weights, 10g, 2x P1311-2D Spring bumper 1x DM355-5S Pulley with very low friction 2x P1312-2A Car body for trolley 1x P1311-2E Flat spring for collision experiments with trolleys 1x P7240-1B Support rod, round, L=60 mm, D=10 mm 1x P1100-1E Measuring tape, L=300 cm


SEK Heat Kit consisting of: 1x P7400-4A Graduated cylinder plastics, 100 ml 1x P2621-1A Heat absorbing tubes, pair of 1x P2420-1A Bimetallic strip 1x P7090-2A Wax crayon 2x P7132-1A Tubing plastics, 100 cm, transparent 2x P7400-1C Manometer-tube, acrylic 1x P2610-2A Needle steel, right angled 1x P2610-2B Spirals for heat radiation, set 1x P7230-4H Holder for dynamometers and test tubes, SE 1x P2600-5C Wax straps 1x P7422-2B Glass tube straight, L=80 mm 1x P7250-1T Support-rings, set of 3

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