leXsolar-H2 Professional
leXsolar-H2 Professional offers the entire spectrum of current fuel cell technology for the technical education. Solar module, electrolyzer, and fuel cell permit the assembling and examination of a solar-hydrogen cycle. Working principles, efficiency and characteristics curves of electrolyzer and fuel cell are just some of the topics covered. Beside the PEM-fuel cell, it also contains an ethanol-fuel cell in order to compare the different technologies.
leXsolar-SmartGrid Ready-to-go
leXsolar-SmartGrid Ready-to-go allows the construction of a smart grid with a variety of renewable energy sources on a laboratory scale. It's possible to choose different energy generation profiles and observe their effect on the system. The various available storage units and consumers make for a complex smart grid and a multitude of possible scenarios to analyze. The energy flows within the smart grid can be read directly from the displays of the smartmeters.
leXsolar-Wind Ready-to-go
All needed equipment and the "Anemometer" expansion are already included. With the leXsolar Wind Ready-to-go, you will be able to answer any questions you may have concerning the basic concepts of using wind energy. The leXsolar Wind Ready-to-go is also suitable for in-house workshops, for example, for use by sales representatives.
leXsolar-NewEnergy Kit
The leXsolar-NewEnergy Kit is specifically adapted for young students in Junior High School and provides by qualitative and quantitative experiments an understanding of the topics photovoltaic, wind power, hydro power, electric mobility and fuel cells. With the enclosed Smart Control components, an innovative measuring and control system is available and all necessary accessories like power supply, cables and measuring devices are already included.
leXsolar-Emobility Professional
With leXsolar-EMobility Professional, the characteristics of different battery types can be analyzed. In addition, the kit helps students to find out more about the different fields of application. The kit comes with different battery technologies such as lead, NiMH or Lithium-Polymer(LiPo) as well as a PEM-fuel cell.
leXsolar-SmartGrid Professional
leXsolar-SmartGrid Professional is the ideal basic training system to reach this goal. With setting-up smart grids on a laboratory scale and its measurement and control students will learn the electro-technical challenges of mains operations very demonstratively. Pre-set or user-created scenarios let the students gradually develop their knowledge with their own experiments.
leXsolar-Wind Professional
Wind energy currently covers the highest proportion of renewable energy production. Especially, based on the really fast build-up of new wind power plants, the demand for highly qualified staff is at a very high level. leXsolar-Wind Professional offers you practical oriented experiments for technical training while including interesting basic experiments at the same time. The fields of applications are many and varied: from vocational school to college level.
leXsolar-ThermalEnergy Professional
This experimentation system allows for the application of different technologies of solar thermal energy transformation in technical education. The product does not only contain various solar collector systems, which can be operated with or without pumps, but also CSP-technology (Concentrated Solar Power) and a Peltier element for the direct transformation into electric energy.
leXsolar-PV Professional
leXsolar-PV Professional offers experiments for both electrical engineering and photovoltaics. But the main focus is on laboratory experiments on photovoltaic systems. Due to the modular setup, the very detailed specific characteristics of single components can be analyzed, such as the switching threshold of series or shunt regulators. Because of the integrated manual mode, the included MPP tracker enables a descriptive understanding of the really important principle of the MPP tracking.
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