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Power engineering

Mechanical engineering is a branch of industry that produces various machines, equipment, instruments, tools, articles of consumption.

Our company offers a huge range of products for this critical industry: Machine tools: grinding, turning, milling, drilling, band sawing ... Spare parts for machine tools: spindles, motor spindles, shafts, axles, turret heads ... Vibration Technology: Vibrating sieves, vibration drives, vibrating tables, vibrating conveyors ... Production lines, conveyors. Electronic components. Filtration equipment. Pumps. Robotics. Lasers. Lifting and transport equipment: elevators, trolleys, cranes ... Drive technology, its components: drives, motors, reducers, couplings ... Bearings, industrial shock absorbers, brakes. Sensors, converters. Measuring instruments, calibration devices. Components and systems of management and monitoring. Fixing accessories: bolts, screws, screws, nuts, screws, rivets, clamps, clamps, special fasteners ... Seals: gaskets, sealing material, stuffing ... Lubrication systems and greases.

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