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Food industry

The food industry is engaged in the production of food products.

In it, a number of industries are distinguished: oil and fat, canning, distillery, dairy, meat, fish, flour-grinding, bakery, beer-alcohol, confectionery, etc. Due to direct contact with food products, special sanitary- hygienic requirements. For the food industry, our company offers a wide range of process plants, instruments and accessories that meet the highest world quality standards. This spectrum includes: Equipment for drying and cooling, all sorts of sifter and sieve installation. Crushers and mills. Apparatuses for frying. Sorters and batchers. Measuring devices and sensors. Conveyor equipment, elevators, production lines. Bearings, chains, spare parts for conveyor equipment. Shut-off valves (valves, valves ...) Pumps. Marking and packaging equipment, etiquettes. Vaults and containers. Filters. Monitoring systems.

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